Elegance rooted in Italian heritage

At Amisano, we breathe life into jewelry with a deep respect for our Italian roots and the timeless elegance they represent. Italy, renowned for its artistry and sophistication, is the very essence of our brand. Every piece we craft carries this heritage, a testament to a tradition that spans generations.

Two brothers

Meet the visionaries behind Amisano, two brothers bound by a shared passion for fine jewelry. Together, they helm a family's jewelry manufacturing business, a legacy established by their grandfather in 1967. Their unwavering dedication to the artistry of jewelry-making is the heartbeat of the brand.

Bold and minimal elegance

At Amisano, bold and minimal elegance is at our core. Our mission is to create jewelry that captures the essence of modernity while remaining faithful to the timeless principles of minimalism. We guide customers through the process to ensure their vision becomes a reality, one that embodies the bold and minimal elegance that defines us.


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